Software engineering principles, best practices & introduction to JavaScript.

Software engineering principles

  1. Unit Testing
  • Does what it should.
  • Follows a consistent style.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Well-documented.
  • Can be tested.
  • Increase the speed of development.
  • Reduce errors and conflicts.
  • Developers can contribute from anywhere.
  • We can see who, what, why, when changes have been made.
  • Local Version Control Systems
  • Centralized Version Control Systems
  • Distributed Version Control Systems

Introduction to JavaScript

  • Dynamically update page content
  • Control multimedia
  • Animate images
  • Running code in response to certain events occurring on a web page
  • And many other things.
  1. Internal JavaScript
Internal JavaScript Example
External JavaScript Example — script.js
External JavaScript Example — index.html



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